About Us


Osher Women (W.O.W) are in partnership with Greatway foundation registered in 2009 is the Edinburgh branch of the African Forum Scotland company founded in 2007 and have operated successfully. Thereby it has received an endorsement by United Nations Conference for Trade and Development – UNCTAD. Thereafter, it was endorsed by the First Minister Scotland – Nicola Sturgeon for its achievement in bringing trade from Scotland to Africa and vice versa. Since then, we have grown to become market leaders and a front runner in the future development of Africa.

The Greatway Foundation was established in 2009. It is growing from strength to strength, opening its doors to a wide variety of people from different individuals or groups irrespective / no matter their age, sexual orientation ,gender, racial,status and religious denominations. Our belief is that Africa is home to the vast untapped economic potential of rural women and that the continent richly deserves the ethical beneficial exploitation of its ‘as yet’ untapped development resources. These unfulfilled resources offer inestimable investment value to international funders and the latent potential of the hitherto overlooked and disadvantaged African people Also we belief that now is the time when Africa needs TRADE AND TRAINING not aids, with helping hands not dropping hands outs. This provides RURAL WOW with a landscape of social opportunities to act as a primed springboard for RURAL WOW solutions to help underpin substantial economic growth. In so doing, it will raise the well-being of its citizens and achieve this positive economic revolution in an environmentally friendly, economically beneficial and sustainable manner.


Enhance skills through experiential entrepreneurship training

• Boast self esteem and reduced poverty mindset

• Economic growth and advancement

• Positive and prompt performance indicators and evaluation

• Enticing motivation incentives to retain trainee attendance

• Mental health support

Unique prospects for Africa

• Helping harness Africa’s WOW potential

• Engage local retired people as trainers and mentors ensuring sustainability Our ability to access cultural/tribal and political African awareness

• Our existing and established African networks

• Our hands-on engagement in day to day African initiatives


Rural WOW Initiatives will have delivered transformative, sustainable, environmentally sound and community beneficial experiential entrepreneurship training, services and solutions which are profitable, and fit for purpose not only in today’s world but for the world of tomorrow.

To address this our mission, which is threefold is– to: Break the cycle of hopelessness and helplessness. Encourage women(especially widows) discover their worth, dignity and potential. Empower, and equip their life with positive meaningful- life skills to create wealth for themselves

We will be recognised as a household name for working and aligning with women to producing dependable and consistently quality services and having done so in an ethical manner which respects and protects the environment and its communities


Train ,equip and empower women (especially widows) to create wealth as catalyst for economic development by dealing with the reality of today and the challenges of tomorrow. 

We will do this by continually encouraging, inspiring, educating and motivating rural WOW and the population to embrace new and innovative trading ideas, training insights and concepts. 

We listen carefully before introducing our duly considered and informed solutions and thus, giving rural WOW the VOICE to tell us their needs as well as coping strategies needs, which will then dictate how we support and help them. 

We recognise that over the past few decades, plight of rural women has at last begun to embrace improvement and change. However sufficient transformation has not as yet been achieved nor has it reached anything like the levels required.

Rural community participation or inclusion

Unlike purely non- profit driven models, Greatway foundation maintains a strong ethical approach to incorporating the complementary delivery of equality, fairness and social benefit. To further achieve this and to win the hearts, minds and the intellectual insights and committed support of African communities, we place strong emphasis upon transparency, good communication and community engagement, empowerment and inclusion. We engage retired workers, ex-military workers as mentors to trained rural WOW. To cement this strong bond with our African communities, The Greatway Foundation will be an active participant and will provide learning, coaching and training units. Our vocational training package will be provided as a service to each target community. Community recognition of this facility and their participation in our provided activities and teachings is paramount to achieving our vision. 

Communities will as a result enjoy the fruits of linked partnership projects. Recipients of our projects will especially enjoy coaching ,local mentors and training in our ground breaking related programmes. We will sustain and encourage new insightful community understanding and engagement which will help communities take ‘ownership and pride’ of the vocational centres ,or WOW café`, to be located within their communities. Acceptance and local acknowledgement of our community conscious WOW CAFÉ` will be further augmented by community benefits deriving from the creation of lucrative new jobs and emerging opportunities for local entrepreneurs.


We will conduct a non-profits strategy in an ethical and transparent manner and strategically position our initiatives to help contribute towards improving the environment and the ecology while constantly and sensitively striving to encourage education, engagement and participation alongside the worlds 1st disadvantaged communities as women and also widows (as a sub-group) who experience double or 2nd vulnerable disadvantaged 

We shall be fearless, bold, energetic and enterprising in pursuing actions or decisions that will ensure that we are competitive, satisfy our customers and achieve sustainable growth. 

We will perform in a manner at all times that makes us accountable, responsible, and answerable to our WOW, partners, leaders ,families and other community players as well as maintain a client tracking system . 

We will enable our women to have an efficient, productive feedback, and enjoyable experience by providing them with what they want when they need it. We will maintain a client tracking register

We create the practical experiential learning environment method that encourages our women to be active participants. Thus allow them to generate new ideas and / or rethink an old idea and develop the idea into practical implementable products, processes, or solutions. To transform poverty mindset to………… 

We build effective teams with women, members, trainers, community leaders, other local NGO and partners who have complimentary competencies, hold themselves mutually accountable, exhibit effective communication and continually challenge each other to strive for excellence.